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For most businesses, tracking the hours worked by employees from a management productivity perspective or translating that into a payroll check can be a big job as well as a costly one. With manual tracking methods, human error, audit costs and lost time can really add up. On average, businesses can save between 1 - 5% of their annual payroll simply by automating their time and attendance.

TimeVantage™, our efficient and cost effective workforce management tool replaces manual methods with electronic clocks or internet based systems. Employees simply swipe an electronic badge or type their "pin" into the clock or use our web-based tool they can access from their desktop. The data captured can then be easily modified or approved by Management and is automatically updated into our payroll processing system.

TimeVantage™ also provides management and employees access 24 x 7 to their information. Employees can view summaries of their work time and schedules, year-to-date accrual and benefit balances and request time off. Managers can run a variety of work performance reports such as absenteeism and lateness reports, view staff work schedules by department, review and approve/deny request for time off via an email to the employee, etc. For the first time, Managers are able to proactively manage their workforce requirements.

For more information regarding our workforce management tools, click TimeVantage™ for a brochure.


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